Long Weekend

Alright, so this is actually my second attempt at a blog. There is a Blogspot one out there too. Good luck finding it.

Just got back from a long weekend in Niagara Falls. Met my parents in Burlington where we did some shopping. I had a fresh tax refund from the government in my purse and I didnt buy anything. Isn’t that always the way? Whenever I have money I can never find anything but when I am broke all I do is lust after every pair of shoes and cute dress. Anyway, the trip was successful for my parents if not me.

Sunday morning I went out for breakfast with Min to Al Mac’s Buffet in Niagara Falls. Stay away from this God awful establishment. Min is 7 months pregnant and they refused her a glass water. Actually refused her. Apparently they don’t serve tap water at this restaurant. Only bottled water. Oh, and they charge $2.99 a bottle for this precious water! Can you believe that? For $2.99 you would expect to get a nice bottle of Perier or perhaps Fiji water, but it was bargain, no name brand. We were beyond angry. Even my tiny cup of coffee was $3.00 and half of it was spilled on my hand and in my lap. I told the waitress that she spilled coffee on my hand and in my lap. She barely acknowledged me. Since getting home I have reviewed Trip Advisor, Restaurantica and other restaurant reviews and they all have similar complaints about this restaurant. Stay away!

After my terrible breakfast experience I spent some quality time with the family before driving back home for the highlight of my weekend year, the Lost Finale. I was going to watch it with some friends but I decided that it would be best to watch it alone. All I can say is that it was very emotional. I am not a crier, but I shed a tear or two over this one. Great finale! Oh – and I totally called the whole Juliet as David’s mother and her words to Sawyer being about the sideways world and not the bomb going off. Any Lost fans reading this? Care to leave your thoughts about the finale?


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