It’s Judgy Monday!

So, today is Judgy Monday. What does that mean?

It is a tradition that started between Aly and I a few years ago, when her husband started going to baseball on Monday nights. In the early, early stages of Judgy Monday we used to go to his games and (quietly) criticize our surroundings. From the quality of play on the field to the amount of mosquito’s and even the looks we were getting from other judgy girls, we would create a running commentary of the things that were happening around us while sipping on beer concealed in McDonald’s take out cups (now is your chance to judge us). The tradition morphed after Aly got pregnant and we would stay at her place and chat while her hubby was out with his friends. It was a chance for us to have some girl time while he was away. We would drink wine (I would drink alone when she was expecting), gossip, cook and eat dinner, and just catch up.

Then we discovered The Bachelor.

This is where the current Judgy Monday took form. I would come over, spend some time with the kiddies, they would go to bed, Jer and Al and I would eat some dinner, then retire to the family room with wine and some form of delicious snack and watch the Bachelor. We would judge all these girls who really felt that they would meet the love of their lives on TV, laugh when they cried after being voted off the first night, roll our eyes when anyone complained about how “catty” the other girls were. There were also nick names. Names created for these generic girls based on some sort of physical attribute, character nuance or other stand out quality. We would pick our winners, pick the losers and generally judge the happenings on this television show while drinking wine. Best night ever, right?

Since its inception Judgy Monday has expanded to include Sam and Ian and any form of the Batchelor or Bachelorette that is currently airing. It has coined phrases such as “pulling a Mesnick”, which is any male crying to the point of needing to lean on a permanent structure for support, and “crazy eye” (see David from Jillian’s season of the Bachelorette). It sounds cruel, I know, and if you don’t share the same sense of humour as my friends and I then you might think that we are terrible individuals, but c’mon……as a person you cannot go on a reality TV show and expect that people will not hold weekly parties to poke a bit of fun, right?


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