I Heart Kayaking

This weekend I had a chance to get away with some of my girlfriends. We try to get away each year, and in previous years we have gone camping but this year we decided to rent a cottage. Despite initial difficulties with our decision to rent instead of tent we ended up having a really great time (note to those thinking of renting NEVER, EVER rent from Southmuskoka Reality. Worst service ever!).

Anyway, three of us, Aly, Meghan and myself all headed up on Thursday night. We were kind of skeptical about what we would find as we had asked to rent one property, but due to issues out of our control we were given another property which by pictures we felt was not nearly as nice as our desired location. Thankfully we were wrong! The cottage, though kind of ugly from the outside, was exactly what we needed on the inside. It was clean, spacious and came with a dishwasher (major improvement over tent life!).

Most of our weekend was spent just drinking, hanging out and playing cards. On Friday we tried to launch the SeaDoo’s at a launch in Port Severn, but the weather was a little rainy and the launch seemed quite steep so we chickened out and went back to the cottage a little defeated. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the dock and relaxing. We tried to get a fire going but there was so much rain in the area in the days before that it was near impossible.

On Saturday we decided to go into town for some lunch since it was raining and we weren’t able to really enjoy the out doors. We stopped in at the Driftwood Cafe for some lunch, then wandered over to the Severn General Store to pick up some……suplies. By the time we got back to the cottage the weather had cleared up a little. It was far from sunny but it was nice enough for us to break our the kayaks and tool around the lake a little.

My first kayaking adventure was in New Brunswick. It was two person kayaking at about 7 am after a very long, sleepless night. The scenery was beautiful but between the rougher waters and the fact that I had to work in tandem with someone who was minutes away from becoming my ex-boyfriend, I did not have a great time. This time kayaking was a completely different experience for me. I had a great time floating around the lake, exploring different rivers and bays. At one point I found a little island, managed to climb up onto it and drag my kayak up as well so I could do more exploring. Aly and I even kayaked up to someone’s swim platform (after we made sure they weren’t home) so that we could jump into the lake and not have to worry about weeds.

Later that night we had dinner and celebrated Alyson’s birthday. Meghan brought a beautiful little cake that looked just like a Channel purse. We had bought some dry wood in town earlier that day and Kendra was able to make an amazing fire. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. A little tip – use a Caramilk bar instead of a regular old Hershey Bar for caramel s’mores. Delish! Since it was a full moon that night we decided to take the kayaks and paddle boat out at about 2 am. The water was like glass and it was so eerie to be out on the lake in the pitch black. Definitely something I will remember for quite awhile.

Sunday it rained all day, so we went out for lunch at The Inn At Christie’s Mill, where we indulged in some delicious fare and a few drinks. After we got back to the cottage we played some cards and said good-bye to Meghan, who had to return back to Mommy mode in the city. The rest of the night was quiet. We played some more cards and had some dinner and were in bed quite early.

We were scheduled to head back home on Monday. The remaining 4 of us were sitting out on the porch drinking our coffee’s and enjoying the morning when all of a sudden a miracle occurred. The sun came out. After a weekend of dull and rainy weather we were thrilled to see some sunshine, even if we could only enjoy it while we packed up the cars and headed home. Aly and I made it back to town just in time for Judgy Monday!


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