Mad for Mad Men

Okay, can we talk about how amazing Mad Men was last night? I have been waiting for this premier for a long time and I am happy to say it did not disappoint. First I was curious to see what the gap between seasons would be. It looks like it’s been almost a year since season 3 ended right around Christmas time 1963 and this appears to be before American Thanksgiving in 1964.

It was great to see how Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has a new office space, even if it doesn’t have a second floor. I have to admit I would have like to have seen the start-up from the hotel room for a few episodes but I think that with all the change that has happened between seasons acclimatizing to the hotel room and then again to a new office might have been a little much. The new office is such a drastic change from the old Sterling Cooper office that it almost feels like a new show, or a new era. Everything looks much more modern. It is light and bright and feels much more open, even though it’s actually much more confined than the old office. I think this is a positive sign from the producers that things are looking up for these guys.

In stark contrast to the new office space however is Don’s new apartment. How depressing is it? I mean the man sits alone either in the dark or with the drab light from his balcony and works. There is no other word for Don’s new bachelor life than sad. He is getting dates from Jane Sterling, a woman he had previously written off as a gold digging flake, he’s hiring prostitutes on Thanksgiving day, his kids don’t seem to come over very often and Betty doesn’t seem to let him see the baby. Don used to have the world on a
string and now he can’t even wrangle a woman on his own? When we first saw Don in the Ad Age magazine interview I thought that he was being flip and really trying to show the reporter what a joke he thought the situation was, but when the article came out it was quite the opposite. It was the reporter who thought Don was the joke. This is not the Don we know. The Don we know is a confident man who knows how to work a room. He is charismatic, charming and fully able to get what he wants out of most situations. Happily, he seemed to get his wits about him in the end and the Don we saw in the second interview seemed much more familiar.

Betty – ahhh Betty. Just when you think she cannot get any more selfish, she does. She doesn’t want move from her house because she is concerned about uprooting her children? I don’t think so. That house is a status symbol. She wants to move her new man and have the same image that she had before, the beautiful, perfect housewife, with the handsome, charming husband, big house and well-mannered kids. If she was really concerned about her children she would take more notice of Sally’s poor behaviour or maybe she wouldn’t have abandoned them with the housekeeper for 6 weeks when she flitted off to Reno with Henry. Betty may still have Don’s house, but it’s a house of cards and it’s about to come crumbling down on her.

Finally I need to say how AMAZING Peggy and Harry look. Peggy has finally started to notice that she’s in advertising and part of that means branding and advertising herself. Harry Crane has lost weight, gotten a tan and ditched the bow tie. He is finally starting to look less the part of bumbling sidekick and more a TV executive. Sidenote – last night I Tweeted Rich Sommer (@richsommer) to tell him what a great job he did and he replied to me! Love it when an actor acknowledges their fans.

A fabulous new episode! Can’t wait for next week!

***I know I wrote about a lot of visuals in this post. I am looking for pictures to display what I was talking about but none seem to be available yet. I’ll update the post with pics as soon as I can***


2 thoughts on “Mad for Mad Men

  1. Min says:

    I am slowly starting to come around and may POSSIBLY cave and watch this show you rave about. My fear is that yet again, I will become far too involved with television characters. I have been putting off watching this show since it started, even though it has gotten rave reviews, awards etc. I think I just needed a few others to end. Now that Lost is gone, I am in need of something fun to chat about. Like how hot is Christina Hendriks? I kind of want to be her for a day. Why can’t they put more ladies like her on tv? I think eating disorders would lessen if there were more women like her to look at. More booty, less caved in chests and pointy collarbones!!


  2. Ashleigh says:

    I have such a girl crush on Christina Hendricks. I want to be Joan Holloway. She is smart, sassy, beautiful and has all the men wrapped around her finger 🙂

    Thats the thing about this show, its the characters. You know that most of them are terrible people that you should not like, yet you do. Don is a womanizing, selfish, arrogant man but he’s the hero of the show and you really do root for him. He’s the type of man that men want to be like and women want to be with.

    I suggest you take a look at the first three seasons, you won’t be disappointed.


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