Mad Glen

Alright Mad Men fans, it’s the episode we have all been waiting for – the return of creepy Glen Bishop! How weird is this kid, I mean, really? When we were first introduced to Glen back in season one I just assumed that he was not adjusting well to his parents divorce. I thought his attraction to Betty was just a way of searching out his need for a stable maternal relationship (that’s right kids, I majored in psychology). Asking Betty for a lock of hair and holding her hand on the couch was very creepy, but again, I just thought he was misinterpreting his feelings as a crush, very Oedipal (it was an honours in psychology). Now it seems that he has turned these feelings towards Sally, which albeit is much more appropriate but still strange since he’s got to be about 14 and I believe Sally is 10, maybe 11 at this point. I fully understand what Sally sees in Glen. In her eyes he is mysterious, charming and he pays attention to her. If there is one thing that Sally needs in her life it’s a little attention from the people in her life. I see a little rebellion in Sally Draper’s future. Rebellion in the form of Glen.

Freddy’s back too. I could take it or leave it. I would much rather the return of Ken or Sal. I have a feeling that from the sense of foreboding around the Lucky Strike account that Lee Garner Jr. might be taking his business elsewhere very soon. Perhaps Sal could return if Lucky Strike leaves although I do kind of like Joey, the new art guy. I also love any time that Joan gets to be in charge and show just how fabulous she is at making things happen. Joan getting the party set up was a great scene.

What I’m not loving is this new, pathetic Don. I get that a story would be boring if the character had no development or change but this is not development, its is a completely different man. We are supposed to believe that because of a simple divorce the way everyone in Don’s life views him is different? Don is the man who all the men want to be and all the women want to be with and yet in this episode he is called pathetic by one of the office workers, in last week’s episode his date wouldn’t sleep with him and in this episode Phoebe wouldn’t put out either. Side note – I hate the actress that plays Phoebe, I don’t know why. I was thrilled when they killed her off Grey’s Anatomy (spoiler alert!) and disappointed when she turned up here. I understand that Don feels differently about himself, obvious from the way that he interacts with Faye Miller and even the way she interacts with him by telling him not to worry because he will be married again within a year, but to go from a man as confident as Don was to this man is a huge leap, one I’m not sure I’m ready to take yet.

Next week’s preview – did it look like Joan was pregnant to anyone else? In the blue dress? She also looked a little heavier in this episode. I would love to find out if they pad Christina Hendricks up for the show. I know she is a curvy girl, but she always looks curvier in the show than in other appearances.


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