What Would I Say?

If I could talk to you again, if I could just spend one more minute with you, what would I tell you? What would you tell me, I wonder?

You would tell me how proud you are of me and ask me why I still haven’t married a doctor like you told me to. You would tell me that now that you are with you oldest daughter that you miss your baby. How excited you would have been to be a great-grandmother. You would ask me if I am taking good care of your favourite sister.

I would tell you about my new job. I would tell you about the money I won playing the game you taught me. That I am someone’s Godmother now. I would tell you how terribly sorry that I was that I couldn’t remember the recipe you told with me not to forget.


I would tell you that since you’ve been gone I have had a thousand happy moments but none of them are as happy as they could be because each one holds the understanding that you are no longer here to share them with me.

I would tell you that there have been some sad moments too, but none as sad as the day we lost you.

And I would tell you that I am better for having had you in my life and stronger after losing you and that I try everyday to be the woman you knew I could be.


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