A Rat, A Roach and a Waitress named Trixie. (NYC part 1)

Hello fine people of the interweb! I am back from NYC and cannot wait to tell all about the fabulous time. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning….

On Friday morning my mother and I left from Buffalo to head out to New York. My mother is a notoriously bad flyer and I thought that my booking us on a 40 seater commuter plane would bother her but she was surprisingly calm through the whole ordeal. When we landed at La Guardia we took a cab to our hotel, which was at 57th and 9th Ave. Not right in the thick of things but quite close to Columbus Circle, so we were able to get to things quite quickly. After checking in we decided to seek out the hop-on, hop-off bus tour that we had heard about. We figured it was a good way to get to learn the lay out of the city, get ourselves places and learn a little something too. It was probably some of the best money we spent on our trip. We learned so much and all of the tour guides were really informative and charismatic.

Me on our bus

Our first bus ride took us downtown as we decided the first thing that we wanted to eat in NYC was a corned beef on rye from Katz’s Deli.

Us with our giant sandwich

After that we wandered around Greenwich and stumbled upon some great sights. We even found a street festival in Little Italy.

The Puck Building. This was Grace's office building in Will & Grace

San Genaro street festival in Little Italy

After all the walking we had done that afternoon, we were happy to stumble upon Washington Square park. Anyone who has been to New York before can tell you that the city is full of parks. Small ones on a street corner, to the most famous one right in the middle. My mum and I spent some time in quite a few of them but we both agreed that this one was our favorite.

Washington Square Park

After lounging in the park for not nearly long enough we hopped back on our bus and went back to the hotel to get dressed and ready for dinner. We asked all around where the best pizza in town was and everyone from guidebooks, to locals told us that John’s Pizzeria had the best. We braved the subway, but I misread the directions and we got a little (a lot) lost. It was my navigational skills that got us back on course though and we enjoyed the best pizza I have ever had as well as a glass of Chianti.

Shortly after the best pizza ever

After that we made our way back to the hotel, with only minimal directional issues.


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