The Rat and The Roach (NYC part 2)

On our second day in NYC we let ourselves sleep in for a little while. We were up by nine, and after an expensive, and somewhat lacklustre breakfast in NYC my mum and I bandaged up our blistered toes and headed back to what might have been the best investment we made on our trip, our tour bus. Seriously, this bus took us all over Manhattan (and to Brooklyn) and provided great information about everything from history and architecture to great places to eat to celebrity homes. It was hop on – hop off and we took the same part of the route more than once and got different information. It was fabulous! Anyway, on this particular morning we took our bus uptown, around the park, through Harlem and down Museum Mile.

The Dakota, where John Lennon lived and was killed

The Dakota


The Apollo Theatre in Harlem

The Guggenheim

The Museum of Natural History

After our morning bus ride we grabbed a pretzel and roamed around Central Park. There were a few things about Central Park that surprised me. When I see Central Park on television it always just appears to be The Great Lawn. I was surprised by how small The Great Lawn was but by how huge the rest of the park was. We were there for hours and we only managed to see half the park. We saw Belvedere Castle, The Great Mall, The Great Lawn and of course Strawberry Fields. Anyone that knows me knows just what a big fan of The Beatles my father is. The Beatles were the soundtrack of my childhood. I had an amazing time in NYC with my mother, but this was probably the only time on the trip that I wished I was with my dad instead. He visited himself a few months ago. Also, I should say Central Park is where we ran into the rat. We had just entered the park and as I was walking down a trail I spotted a small brown rat. Now, I used to have a pet rat, so I might be biased but it was really cute, not the huge sewer rats you hear about. My mother wanted me to get a picture of it but I wasn’t fast enough. Here are some of the pictures I was able to snap….

Central Park Views

Me in Central Park

My Mum in Central Park

The Great Mall

The Great Lawn

Belvedere Castle

View from the castle

Strawberry Fields

After our adventures in Central Park my mum and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for our big night out. When we were planning our trip to NYC my mum and I both agreed that seeing a play on Broadway was on our list of things to do. We talked to a few people and decided that the best plan was to buy tickets from the TKTS booth as we figured that the experience was important, not what play we saw. We also wanted to save some cash where ever we could. That being said, I really wanted to see Promises, Promises. I had heard so many good things about the play and I am a huge fan of both Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth. Still, I was leaving it up to the gods of fate to decide what play we would see. Well, on my birthday the night before we left my mother surprised me with tickets to see Promises, Promises.

So, we got back to the hotel, put on our fancy dresses, headed out to Serafina for dinner. I had an amazing mushroom ravioli and we shared a caprese salad with mozzarella that literally melted in my mouth. It was absolutely delicious. The night was capped off by the play. It was absolutely amazing. The play was absolutely hilarious and surprisingly touching. Sean Hayes and Katie Finneran were both really amazing. I would recommend this play to anyone, it was a great night out and I am so thankful to my mother for one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. Thanks, Mum!

We left the theatre on a Sean Hayes high, and while walking back to our hotel on our sore, blistered feet we stumbled upon a cockroach. I was actually a little surprised to see one in real life! I don’t know that I had seen one outside of the giant ones at the zoo before. I grew up in the suburbs and spent time in the city when I was younger but never come across a real cockroach before. Anyway, nothing brings you down from a night of glamour like stumbling upon vermin twice in one day! After our run in with the roach we decided to hail a cab to get back to the hotel but we ended up in what was a guy in a car who charged us $20 for what was essentially a $9 cab ride. I knew it wasnt a cab that we were in, but my mother didn’t. I wouldn’t have even bothered, since when he gave us the price I knew it was a rip off but my mum was complaining so much about her sore feet that I figured it was worth being ripped off for her comfort. We had such an amazing day, from touring Harlem, to wandering Central Park to a play on Broadway, we had the perfect, quintessential New York day!


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