A Waitress Named Trixie!

It’s time for my long-awaited final post about my fabulous trip to New York.

Monday morning my mum and I woke up with a little dread knowing that this was our final day in our new favourite city. We got up, got dressed, said good-bye to our little hotel room and went out for breakfast. After two days of less than stellar food and questionable service at the hotel restaurant we decided to venture across the street to The Morning Star Restaurant at 57th and 9th. It was fabulous. A little diner with great eggs and even better service. Okay, okay, so our server told me that I looked like Liv Tyler and wouldn’t let up about my beautiful smile, but even so, the breakfast was easily our best in the city. What more do you want than breakfast in an NYC diner being served by dudes with tough guy accents bragging about the Yankees?

After breakfast we headed over to the Empire State building where we saw some amazing sights.

Uptown View

Eastside Views

Downtown Views

Me, on top of the world

Mum, high above the noise

Macey's Ad

The lobby

We really could not have picked a nicer day to stand at the top of the world. It was so interesting to be able to see the city from so high up. We could see every neighbourhood. It was just like looking at all the maps I had seen before we actually came to the city.

After The Empire State Building we took a little stroll to the New York City Public Library. I wish I could show pictures of how beautiful the library is inside but my camera stinks at taking indoor pictures and they seem a little uppity about tourists taking pictures inside. Apparently people are actually trying to read and study or something….

Steps of The New York City Public Library


From the library we headed up to Grand Central Station, but not before I had a chance to snap a fabulous picture of my favorite landmark, the Chrysler Building. We heard some really interesting history about the Chrysler building on our bus, and although we saw some amazing architecture on our trip and even some of the most humble building in New York are still absolutely stunning the Chrysler building remains my favourite. I am a sucker for Art Deco.

The Chrysler Building

For the other Mad Men fans out there...

Grand Central Station

So who is Trixie? Well we were wandering around Grand Central we decided to have lunch at Junior’s which is apparently famous for its cheese cake, though we did not have any. Trixie was our waitress. She was not particularly spectacular in any way, not like the guys at Morning Star and definitely not like the amazing server we had at Mesa but she was sweet and her name was Trixie. I thought it was funny and Trixie became as much a part of our story telling as our favourite tour guide, Stuart.

From there we wandered around Midtown, following essentially the same route we took the night before only this time in the daylight.

30 Rock

Rockefeller Plaza

St Patrick's Cathedral


From there we marched our tired toes all the way back to our hotel. We had to pick up our bags and we decided to kill a little time at the hotel before we headed out to the airport. The drinks were terrible and very, very expensive (like $25 for a bloody mary and a vodka soda). Our hotel was nice enough, it was a Holiday Inn that was clean and comfortable but any eating or drinking in the hotel just seemed like a waste of time and money. With so many fabulous places in New York I definitely recommend venturing somewhere else for food and drink.

Soon enough we were in a cab on our way back to La Guardia and home. My mum’s partner picked us up from the airport and as soon as we got back to her place we showed him all our pictures and told him all our fabulous stores. We kept him up until 2 am! Poor Mark sat there through the whole thing even though he had to be up the next day at 5 for work. What a good man.

All in all we had such a fabulous time in New York. We were on the move from 10 am until almost midnight each night and we didn’t see a quarter of the things that we could have. My mum and I both want to go back, maybe in the winter so that we can see all the museums and do a little more of the indoor activities. I would also like to be able to take some more time to wander around different neighbourhoods. We never made it to the meat-packing district, and even through we spent time in places like Greenwich, SoHo and Chelsea I would love a chance to take some more time to wander around and discover some of the little nooks that I’m sure we missed. All that being said we really did see pretty much everything on our list of “must see” and we had an absolutely amazing time. I really cannot remember a time where I was constantly happy, smiling, interested, awed by everything I saw. We talk about it all the time. The sights, the sounds, the food (ooooh the food!). I am planning on going to Paris for my 30th birthday, so I’m not sure when I will be able to make it back to NYC, but one thing is for sure, I am a different girl now than I was before I went.


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