Baby Brianna

At the risk of becoming something akin to a mommy blogger I am posting some pictures of my beautiful niece Brianna. I went to meet her at the hospital on Sunday and was instantly in love. Brie is my step-sister’s baby, so really she is no more related to me than my god-daughter Sophie but it just feels….different. Sophie is special to me because her mother chose me to be a part of her life, has elected me to be a role model to her and I plan on taking my role seriously. I plan to spoil that child so rotten that her mother hates me for it 🙂

Brianna is a piece of my sister and thus a piece of me. We do not share any genes but Jodi and I share memories, a past, a future, a set of parents (her mother is with my father). Brianna will share these things too and I can’t wait until she is old enough to roll her eyes her grandparents and look over and find my sisters and I doing the same thing.

I never understood when parents would say that they don’t love one child more than another, they just love them differently until now.

Without further ado here are some pictures of chubby little baby Brie.

Me and Brie

And one of Sophie for good measure!


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