To Kobo or Not to Kobo?

So, lately the object of my affection has been this –

The Kobo e-reader.

I want one. I need one. I spend hours fantasising what it will smell like when I take it out of the box. What it will feel like in my hands. The first book I will devour on it. The envious looks of techie hipsters in my university town. I have to own one. At least…I think I do.

This is where the rational part of me kicks in. Do I really need one? Well, no. While I can appreciate the convenience of the Kobo and my gadget lust can keep me rattling off the positives there is a tiny, ever growing part of me that thinks of all the downsides.

First, I love the feeling of a book in my hand. I love the smell of a new book. These sensory things are taken away from you with an e-reader. Secondly, I don’t typically buy books, let alone $150 devices that allow you to read them. I take them out of the library. This is a lesson hard learned for me. I used to buy all my books, but a summer of sporadic bartending shifts right after I graduated university taught me that I cannot afford my own reading habit, so I got a library card. Books cost money and the way that I can devour a good book could leave me with a heavy debt. Also, at this increasingly practical time in my life (call it growing up) it seems silly to pay for something I only use once when there is a big building a block from my flat that lets you take them for free. Free!

One of my favourite things about the books that I do buy is that when I really love them I can give them away to my friends so that they can enjoy them too. I actually used to do this with library books too. If I read something I loved and knew my friend Meghan would like too, I would put it in her mailbox on the way to work. She would get a chance to read it and then return it to the library for me. Finally, the thing that worries me most about the Kobo is the wireless access. This is a pro and a con really. It’s a nice idea that if I finish a book somewhere away from home I can simply buy another and in an instant be reading something else delicious. The problem is that I am not sure that my centre for delayed gratification is strong enough to resist buying every single book I have ever wanted to read all at once.

So will tech lust win or will I remain a Luddite? All I can say is that the Kobo is going on my Christmas wish list. It’s in Santa’s hands now….


4 thoughts on “To Kobo or Not to Kobo?

    • Ashleigh says:

      Its harder to read on an iPad. They are bigger, heavier and there is a lot of glare on an iPad. Also, you may be able to do more on them but they are 4 times as expensive (minimally). Besides iPads are pretty high on the douche-o-meter. 🙂
      Are you commenting on my blog from the tropics right now, Bennett?


  1. Min says:

    So one of the campaigns Rob has at work is the Kobo. He brought one home a few times, since he needed to be familiar with it…..and his boss didn’t trust it not getting stolen if left at the office. First of all, the I-Pad is stupid. It is yet another Apple product that is useless and keeps Steve Jobs a very rich man. Second, the Kobo is infinitely easier to read. The technology they used allows the screen to look like a page from a book. No glare, no shift in brightness. It literally looks like a book, just super flat.
    Now, I totally agree with you on the cost. If I’m going to buy books, I want to hold it and smell it. I, like you, feel a sense of satisfaction turning page after page. I also enjoy the smell of a library (and all the FREE books) too much to cave and buy one. Now, that being said, Rob the technological wizard he is, figured out a way to download books for free and put them successfully onto the Kobo. And not just old collections….new ones too!!
    My advice is, if you really want one, but don’t want to buy books, then get it and have Rob fill it up when you come to visit 🙂


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