On The First Day Of Christmas…

My true love gave to me an Advent Calendar of BEER! Okay, it wasnt my true love who gave it to me. It was my friend Kevin. And he didn’t exactly give it to me, I had to pay for it, but still an advent calendar of beer. Beer! It’s quite possibly the best idea ever.

I guess a few years ago Kev and some buddies put together that there are 24 days in an advent calendar and 24 beers in a case and the idea just came naturally. Each November Kevin goes out and purchases 24 different types of beer, wraps each one up in a paper bag, labels it with a number and boxes it up. Kevin likes to mix it up so there are a variety of micro-brews and premium beers in the calendar. It’s a great way to try beer that you might not otherwise get a chance to sample and you might be lucky enough to find one or two of your old favourites in the mix.

This is my first year participating but I think I’m as excited as I was as a child, anxiously punching through little doors in my calendar to see what shape my chocolate was. I used to eat my advent chocolate first thing in the morning, before breakfast. I also used to sneak into my sister’s room after school and see if she remembered to eat her chocolate. If she was careless enough to forget I would swipe hers. Probably can’t do that with this advent calendar. Something tells me beer before work is not a great career move, also Aly isn’t that naive, she would know if I tried to snatch some of her beer. Jeremy on the other hand…

I’ll post updates on the beer as we make our way through December.


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