The First Week of The Advent Calendar of Beer

You all remember when I told you about the Advent Calendar of Beer, right? Well this is what the first little beauty looked like when I pulled it out of the box…

And this is what it looked like when it was all unwrapped. Forgive the quality of the pictures, I took them on my Blackberry.

It was an Old Milwaukee with a pin-up girl on it. Kevin said it would be sexy! I have to tell you though, after an hour of Bikram yoga and 710 ml of beer everything looked a little sexier.

Since our first beer we have all enjoyed a bevy of beers from around the world.

    December 1 – Old Milwaukee – America
    December 2 – Kilkenny – Ireland
    December 3 – Peroni – Italy
    December 4 – Newcastle – England
    December 5 – Creemore Springs UrBock – Ontario, Canada
    December 6 – Corne Du Diable – Quebec, Canada
    December 7 – Estrella – Spain

So far my favourites have been the Kilkenny and the Newcastle, both of which I have had before when I worked at a local pub. The only beer I didn’t really like was the Corne Du Diable. I drank it all but I probably wouldn’t buy it. Both the Italian and Spanish beer were pretty light but tasty.

Cant wait to find out what next week will bring!


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