The Griswold’s Are From Niagara Falls

Happy Christmas Eve!

First off a quick apology – I totally meant to keep up with the Advent Calendar of Beer but it seemed to escape me. I guess that’s what happens with these sorts of alcohol related things. Suffice to say it was a lot of fun and I tasted a lot of beer from around the world, including Spain, Japan and currently Greece.

Yesterday I returned home to Niagara Falls to spend some time with my god-daughter Sophie and her mother, my best friend, Misty. We exchanged gifts and watched Sophie bounce around in her Jolly Jumper before heading out for a nice steak dinner to celebrate the season. On the way home from dinner Misty suggested we stop by this house in town to see the lights. She warned me that the show rivals the Griswold’s. Now, I have to say the only way I know this reference is from having heard it over the years. I have never actually seen Christmas Vacation. I know, right? My mother was very strict about movies and television when we were growing up so when people make references to things that have happened in that movie, or that one about a bb gun (?) it’s all lost on me.

Anyway, we once we came upon the house this is what we found…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was music, Santa’s in various states of gifting on the roof-top, a nativity village with little houses with smoke coming from the chimneys, there were carousel horses bobbing up and down in the windows and in one of the pictures you can see there is a statue of the Virgin Mary in a shadow box mounted on the side of the house. It was insane. I don’t know what the Griswold’s house looked like but I’m sure it couldn’t have been any more elaborate than this place. The best part is that none of the other houses around it had a single decoration on them. Why bother, right?

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy holiday season!



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