The Tale of The Spinning Chickens

As some of you may know I worked at a local chain restaurant while I was in University. Of all the things about working in this restaurant that I loved (working with my best friends, flexible hours, great money) probably the thing I loved most was the chicken rotisserie. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to this giant machine. Transfixed by the light and the warmth and the smell of the roasting chickens, about once a shift I would become hypnotized and forget what I was supposed to be doing until one of my floor managers would yell at me to get back to my tables. I couldn’t help myself, I could sit there for hours and watch all the chickens spin. It was like a lava lamp.

It has been a long time since I worked at that restaurant and I had almost forgotten about my love of the spinning chickens until I read a tweet from my friend.

What!? A rotisserie channel? A way to recreate my previous restaurant hobby? As soon as I got home that night I rushed to check it out. Sure enough I turned to channel 208 and this is what I found…

It may not have the warmth and light that I loved (though a space heater could change that) or the delicious smell of roasting chicken but its a start.

Also – for you future rock stars out there, The Spinning Chickens is a great band name. I’ll let you have it as my rock and roll dreams are on hold for now. At least until Swiss Chalet takes this channel down.


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