Pretzels and Pancakes

You know that episode of The Office, where they have pretzel day and Stanley rants about how pretzel day makes all the petty annoyances in his life bearable? Here’s a refresher…

Well, this is how I feel about pancake day at my office. Every year on Shrove Tuesday (ie. TODAY) the office cafeteria only serves one hot entrée – pancakes, sausages and hash browns. I look forward to this day all through the long dreary days of January, and sometimes even February. I wait through such lacklustre options as shepherds pie and the mysterious “deli wedge” sandwiches knowing that breakfast for lunch is only a few short weeks away. Work wise, pancake day is the highlight of my spring. I know it sounds pathetic but life in a cubicle offers few rewards, this is one of them.

They cancelled pancake day this year. No word was given, no explanation offered. They just took it away. Today’s menu options are shrimp and chicken stir-fry and philly beef and cheese melt. I can almost feel the office morale plummeting.


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