When Good Tech Goes Bad

Like most people my age I love me some gadgets. My Blackberry and my iPod are a few of my favourites. Well…they used be. I have a temporary replacement Blackberry right now, though Im not sure how temporary it is since I’ve had it for a month. My former Blackberry had a problem with the trackpad. It would click over and over and over again, opening menu after menu and at one point even copying and pasting part of a text message conversation into a text to another person. That could have ended a lot worse than it did. So I called Virgin and sent my little Blackberry away, assured it would return to me good as new. In the mean time they sent me a replacement, with a new operating system. It took me most of a Saturday night to get all my contacts on the new phone and figure out the new OS. Not happy. Then I realised that the new phone was better, the camera worked on this one and it didn’t have that terrible clicking problem. Last week I started to notice that the replacement phone actually has some clicking problems too. The “A”, “N”, “E” and the space bar will double-click when they are tapped resulting in periods being placed in the middle of sentences and many spelling mistakes, some of which have been corrected by some of the less tactful of my friends. The thing is I’m not sure how to tell Virgin that the replacement phone they sent me needs to be replaced.

In the middle of my Blackberry drama I was always able to turn to my trusted friend, my iPod. I love her. She comes in the car with me, to the gym with me, I listen to her all day at work. She hold my favourite podcasts, audio books and days worth of music. I have actually slept with her on more than one occasion. That’s a lie. I sleep with her so frequently that I have researched headphones you can wear while sleeping. It was a serious relationship and then it just ended with no warning.

One day I plugged my little iPod into my laptop to get some fresh podcasts. Everything was going normally when I got an error message that told me that my precious baby was corrupted and I needed to reset her. Corrupted? Do you believe that? Like a teenager gone bad. I followed the error message and restored my iPod. Everything was lost on the device but remained on my computer. I unplugged, plugged her back in and tried to sync. Everything looked like it was going well, but at the end of my sync I got a message that said a specific song couldn’t be uploaded due to an unknown error. No big deal, I didn’t really care about the song, I could live without it. I ejected my iPod but found that only two songs and three podcasts synced. Weird. I plugged her back in, and tried to sync again. Again everything looked like it was going fine but when I ejected everything was gone again. EVERYTHING. GONE. At this point I am frantic. I plugged and unplugged numerous times but as soon as I would get a few songs and podcasts I would lose them all on the next sync. I’m trying to make due with what I have but I am not impressed. I cannot live with only 30 songs and a dozen podcasts (some months old). I need my baby back.

A search on the net reccommended a new USB cable, so I have purchased one from Apple and its being shipped to me right now. If this does not solve my problems I am not sure what I will do. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime I am trying to find the strengh to be grateful for what I have and shop my iPod all the love I can.


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