Tech Win!

Okay, so a few weeks ago I complained about how all my tech fell apart , well yesterday it all came back. Seriously. Just like that. I have been in the middle of a battle with my iPod where I would sync it and I would get like 30 songs and 2 podcasts, and then I would sync it again and get about 150 songs and maybe 6 podcasts (most of which I had already listened to). Then I would get greedy and see if one more sync would get me everything back. Inevitably this would lead to the whole thing being wiped clean again. Yesterday I finally gave up. Through my research on this problem I determined that the problem was likely with my laptop and not the actual iPod. I decided that I was buying a new laptop at the end of the month (mine is a glorified paperweight, my blog posts are composed on my work laptop) so I synced it once more and decided I would be happy with whatever I got on the iPod until I had the new computer. After the sync I checked to see what I had on my little mp3 player and it was all back. Magically restored. Like it never happened. I towed the line between incredibly frustrated for the almost three weeks I have spent battling this problem and being ecstatic that it was all back. I decided to cherish my blessings and be happy for my win.

Also yesterday I received notice that my new Blackberry was waiting for me at the post office. No more multiple letters in my texts! Now that all of my tech prayers have been answered I am happily sitting at my desk listening to Mumford and Sons (how I missed you!) and contemplating how quickly I will be able to text on my new phone.

Happy day! Happy day!


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