A Little Good Fortune On A Bad Day

On my way to work today I stopped in at the bank to grab some cash and pay a few bills (pay day, holla!) as I was leaving and walking towards work I noticed a $20 bill on the sidewalk with no one near it. I grabbed it to keep it from blowing away and then looked around expecting to see someone looking for it, or at the very least a hidden camera crew anxious to see what I would do in this morally grey area.

No one was there. The square was almost deserted. A woman saw me pick it up, I thought it might be hers, so I asked and she said she it wasnt and she didn’t see anyone drop it. She told me to enjoy my good fortune. Here’s the thing – I can’t enjoy it. This money is not mine and I hate the fact that I might have the money of someone who needs it more than I do. Am I crazy? Is this just good luck or am I some how karmically obligated to do something with this cash?

My co-worker said to use it to buy lotto tickets. She told me about a woman in a neighbouring town who won Cash For Life from money she found in the street.
So – my question to you faithful readers what do I do with this small fortune of mine?


2 thoughts on “A Little Good Fortune On A Bad Day

  1. Min says:

    I once found a $100 bill when I was working at Levis. You always hear the little voice that says “put it in you pocket”, but I too agree that it’s very hard to keep money that you know is someone else’s. I turned it in, and no one claimed it so I got to keep it.
    I’m a big believer in Karma, as you know, and because you did the right thing, I think you should try your luck. Maybe buy a stranger a coffee if you still feel a little pang of guilt. And when you win the millions, you take your best friend to Paris with you šŸ™‚


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