Thank You

Woah! I am absolutely blown away by the response to the blog lately. Thank you so much to all the new readers I am truly humbled by your kind words. Another big thank you to Misty and Jodi for all their great blog pimping promotion.

When I started this blog I really never thought anyone would bother to read it, let alone find it interesting. I appreciate anyone lending 5 minutes of their busy day to my ramblings. This has been such an interesting week for me. Of course I knew that public content could be accessed by anyone, I just never thought certain people would bother to look for it, let alone read every word of it (and find offense in it). It has reaffirmed a few decisions I made years back. I also never thought that a community of strangers could be so supportive. Thanks to everyone who has passed by, those who have commented and those who have subscribed. I will do my best to keep things up to date and interesting and I look forward to hearing from even more of you in the future.

Now I’m off to write a few well deserved cheques to my PR whores those that have helped move this blog forward.


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