Where The Hell Is Elmira Anyway?

Yesterday my best bud Misty came up to visit with her daughter (my god-daughter) Sophie. It was Sophie’s first ever visit to my place and obviously she was quite excited.

Sophie is not thrilled

We trekked all the way to Elmira to check out the Maple Syrup Festival. Apparently it is the largest one day maple syrup festival in the world. This might be Elmira’s only claim to fame but in my books beings associated with food is one good claim to fame! On the way we saw horses pulling buggies with Mennonites at the helm, off to sell some of their syrup at the festival. There were also roadside stands where some of the Mennonites were selling preserves and syrup.
When we got to Elmira we were shocked at just how many people showed up to this festival. It was jam-packed! Fortunately we had the stroller and we are not afraid to ram people who got in our way.

There wasnt a lot to see at the festival. I mean there were stalls selling the usual festival wares – homemade preserves, knit wear and cute baby clothes, and every type of garden tchotcke known to man. We were not particularly interested in any of these things we came for one thing and one thing only…the food!

Our first stop was to get some roasted corn.

Then we found giant pickles on a stick.

We stopped to give Sophie some sweet potatoes.

Then we indulged in some potato pancakes, but we were too busy enjoying them to snap any shots. Before leaving the festival I grabbed a bag of cheese curds (dairy allergy be damned!) and some tiny donuts, which we ate in the car on the way home. And by “ate on the way home” I obviously mean they were gone before we were out of the parking lot.

No pictures please!

After getting back to town we stopped into the restaurant where Sam works to say hi and have a little beverage. Sophie got a chance to be freed from her car seat and lapped up tonnes of attention playing with a water bottle and showing off how well she can walk (with a little help of course).

We came back to my place where I gave Misty here wedding present. It was a little overdue since she was married almost two years ago, but it’s the thought that counts, right? We also discovered that there is very little difference between cat toys and baby toys.

As Misty and Sophie travelled back home I contemplated how we made it to the worlds most famous maple syrup festival without either of us having any maple syrup. Maybe next year!


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