Adventures in Baking

Many moons ago while watching Martha Stewart (personal hero, don’t judge) I saw this amazing cake being made. I knew right away I had to make it, so I headed over to Whisk Kid’s blog to take a look at the recipe. Seemed easy enough, I just needed an occasion to make the cake.

Wednesday is Ian’s birthday. We love Ian. Jovial friend, animal lover, great cook, Judgy Monday fixture. Ian is rad. Finally! A reason to make this excellent cake. So, Sunday I headed out to the store to gather supplies. Ms. Whisk Kid makes her own white cake from scratch, but that seems like more work than necessary. I wonder if she knows that you can just buy boxes of ready-made white cake mix?

That’s what I did. I grabbed two boxes of Duncan Hines white cake mix, and a jumbo can of Betty Crocker fluffy white icing which ambitiously boasts that it can frost an entire layer cake. Untrue. I actually ended up buying another jumbo can plus one more regular can.

Back to baking – I whipped up one box of the cake mix and divided it into three equal parts in three separate bowls. The recipe advises to do this by weight, but I quasi-measured by volume and then eye-balled it from there and everything seemed to work out fine. Once divided I coloured each bowl accordingly. I chose to use violet, blue and green first as I knew these would be the bottom layers of my cake and if made first they would cool and be able to be frosted first. The recipe advises to use gel food colouring, and I would agree this is a crucial step. The colours need to be vibrant and you can only get that kind of intense colouring from the gel. Here in Canada I couldn’t find gel food colouring per se, but I found something called icing colour, presumably used to colour fondant and it worked just as well. I picked it up at the local Bulk Barn.

While the first batch was baking. I did the dishes and started the process over again, this time colouring red, orange and yellow batches.

All 6 cakes cooled and ready to be assembled. I used disposable cake tins, just because it was easier and I don’t actually own 2 cake pans, let alone 6.

From there assembly was simple. I turned out each cake, leveled each with a serrated knife, stacked and crumb coated each cake. The pictures from the original recipe showed quite a bit of icing between layers. I did not actually put anymore icing than a crumb coat between layers. First, I knew that would make the cake unstable and prone to slipping and second, it just seemed like a lot of icing. After the crumb coat I frosted the entire cake with a thick outer layer of icing.

The white exterior betrays what is really inside.

After we cut into it.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the cake and it actually looks more complicated than it is (I love quality that in a recipe!). Aly has already requested an all pink version for her birthday in June. I think I can actually do this by making the top layer red and making each layer following a slightly lighter shade, ending in almost white. I will definitely post pictures if that happens.

Happy Birthday Ian!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Baking

  1. Min says:

    Please make me this cake. I will leave it up to your creative whim to choose colours. I don’t feel the need for a special occasion for this cake either. Can you make it for me because it’s Tuesday?


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