Celebrating The Mulletted – In Kitchener

So, my friend Eric plays in a band. Not just any band – a hair band tribute called Mullet Over. They dress up in mullet wigs, and bad 80’s fashion (think tight pants, and loud colours) and play hits by the likes of Judas Priest and AC/DC. In short – they rock. On Saturday night Sam, Trish and I went to go see them play at a bar called The Circus Room in Kitchener. The venue was – well, let me put it this way, I have been in some pretty skeezy bars in my day (the former Mindbomb in St. Catharine’s comes to mind) but this one was right up there with the best of them. I think my tweets say it all.

As I was explaining to a friend, take the sketchiest bar you have ever been in and multiply it by Kitchener. Your result – The Circus Room. I also learned a thing or two about life in Kitchener this weekend. First – that Van Halen song is actually called Panama and not Animal like I (and Sam!) thought it was. Secondly, if a girl from Kitchener steals your taxi, let her take it as she is likely bigger than you. Lastly, always make friends with the bouncer of a club as he will not only provide security such a crucial moment but he also knows exactly what cab company to call after husky Kitchener girls steal your taxi. Anyway, despite cab thievery, everyone had a great time and the show was a major success.

I imagine Eric is currently at his day job looking like any normal buttoned down professional with no one having any clue how he spent his Saturday night. Conversely, I’m pretty sure it would surprise exactly none of my co-workers to hear that I was out drinking in a dive bar and listening to hits from 25 years ago on my Saturday night. Sigh.

Also – I found this little gem tacked up in the bar and I love it so much that it might become the new banner for this site.


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