I’m going to make this quick because I don’t want to be preachy or go on and on about something I hope you all have heard before, but the federal election is on May 2, that’s this monday. Go out and vote. I don’t care for who, I don’t care why, or how, just go. Spoil your ballot if you want, but just get your ass to a polling station and vote.

In 2008 only 59% percent of registered voters cast a vote and I don’t have exact stats (check Elections Canada for the most accurate information) but I am willing to bet a vast proportion of those who voted were older Canadians, especially baby boomers and retirees. These are people who, while they have valid concerns and issues, most likely do not represent the concerns of you blog readers. The only way to change that it is to get out there and vote. Make your voice heard. One vote does count, one vote can change things, one vote tells people that you care.

Do not go out there for your grandfather who fought for this country years ago, do not go for your favourite highschool civic teacher, do not go to make me happy – go for yourself. Voting is not a right it is a social responsibility.

For all the information you need to know on how, where and when to vote go to Elections Canada.

Information about the FOUR major parties –
Conservative Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party
Green Party