Sporty Monday?

Usually Monday nights are the same routine. I go to Alyson and Jeremy’s place, Sam and Ian join us, we chat and have a glass of wine or a beer while the kids run around and play, they go to bed, we eat dinner, and watch the Bachelor (when it’s on) while saying mean things about the people on the show. Occasionally we have other visitors. Kevin is almost always around, especially in the summer. Recently Meghan and her 3-year-old, Liam have been joining us. This makes the grown ups and tiny mamma Sara happy. Andrew however, does not like having to share his toys. We even have some cross country visitors. Alyson’s cousin Stephen and his partner Andrew join us when Stephen is in town from Vancouver and Meghan M. used to be a Judgy Monday regular until she also moved to Vancouver. She drops by whenever she is in town.

This week however we did something different – there was no tv watching, there was less wine. This week we decided to participate in sport. Yes, sport. The boys (sans Ian) play baseball in the summer so to gear up for their season, which starts next week, they decided to take to the field to get in a little practise. This forced led the rest of us to get out an enjoy some fresh air as well.

The boys out on the field with Iggy to chase the ball. That’s Andrew in his favourite orange jacket.

The kids made their own fun at the playground.

Aly threw a ball for Gabby to keep her occupied, until she tuckered out.

I decided to take a ride on the swing set.

Then went off to investigate some damage caused by recent storms…

…while Ian and Meghan stole my spot on the swings!

Eventually we all got cold and returned to Aly and Jer’s place. The kids headed to bed and we chowed down on some delicious hot dogs and veggie burgers. While playing outside was a nice change for Judgy Monday, it is not something I am too anxious to do again. I prefer a slower pace to my Mondays. Besides, The Bachelorette is back starting May 23rd. Ashley (called it!) the dentist from last season gets a second chance at fame true love.


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