Exotic European Destinations – Like Albuquerque!

Really Chapters? I thought you might have more of a handle on these types of things…Anyway, despite a mislabeled section I managed to find this –

That’s right! I am one step closer to planning my trip to Paris for my 30th birthday. The one thing that is hanging me up from booking anything is deciding where to stay. I mean, I knew when I planned the trip to NYC that I wanted to stay as close to Times Square as possible, but I’m not so sure where to say in Paris? Close to the Louvre? In the Latin Quarter? Not sure. Hopefully this book will help me make some decisions.

Also – if you have not seen Bridesmaids go now! It was hilarious. Aly and I went to see it on Saturday and laughed out loud through the entire movie. It was funny, touching, and surprisingly true to life. In my opinion test of any good movie is how many quotes you walk away with and I have been telling people all week that they “smell like pine needles and have a face like sunshine” and describing things as “super gravelly”.

That’s all I’ve got for this quick post! Next one will be pictures of our wild and crazy girls weekend away. Stay tuned…


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