Zombie-Proof Living

A few weeks ago I discussed how May was Zombie Awareness Month. I really just did it as a lark and for the punch line at the end of the post, but someone has decided to take zombie awareness to a whole other level. Introducing the very first zombie proof house!

When its all open it looks like any other modern design, but at the first sign of the zombie apocalypse or the declaration of martial law this place becomes quite the safe house. Essentially it folds up to become a giant concrete cube. All I can think of is what it must be like inside that thing when it is all bundled up. I hope the power stays on during our war with the undead because that place would freak the hell outta me with no lights and no windows. Also, I would like to reiterate that I know very little about zombies, but I thought with the stiff limbs they weren’t all that great with stairs or ladders, which essentially means you would be safe in a decently fortified tree house, but I digress.

Check out some more pics of this cool, if not completely unneccessary, zombie proof abode.

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