Snack Time – Now With More Vodka!

Sometimes you just need to accept when the universe is trying to tell you something. You need to address that nagging feeling that you need to break up with that guy you’ve been dating for the past few months, throw out that shirt you have that leads people to ask ‘when you’re due’, or finally get around to addressing that smell in the refrigerator (I am almost certain this is it’s point of origin). This is exactly what I am going to do this weekend. I am going to accept what the universe has been trying to tell me – there is not nearly enough alcohol in my snack food.

A few days ago I was surfing Pretty Foods & Pretty Drinks when I stumbled upon this picture:

Those are margarita popsicles for those of you wondering. Popsicles with tequila in them! Seriously. The recipe, if you can call it that, it pretty much just all of the ingredients of a typical margarita poured into paper cups and stabbed with a wooden ice cream stick. I might be more inclined to use an actual popsicle mold because I cannot stand the feeling of wood against my teeth (hey, keep it clean) and I might also be inclined to dip just the very top into some kosher salt for the full margarita experience. Just think of all the possible incarnations of this idea – strawberry daiquiri pops dipped in a little sugar. Pina coloda pops with a little toasted coconut on them, or even maybe a little sprinkle of cinnamon like they did in Cuba. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination and your liquor cabinet. Just keep in mind that because of the alcohol the pops will not completely freeze but that just means you need to eat them faster!

The next idea comes from dear friend and (ironically) soon to be new mum, Paula, who blogs at Little Horsey Girl:

Vodka infused orange slices! This is not the same as the watermelon you made for that kegger in sophomore year. This is essentially a jello shot made to look like an orange wedge. It’s fruit without all of those pesky nutrients!
Directions as follows –

    1. Cut the oranges in half and hollow out.
    2. Make orange jello but substitute cold water with cold vodka.
    3. Pour spiked jello into orange ‘cups’ and let sit overnight.
    4. Slice and serve!

Paula even suggests using vanilla flavoured vodka to make creamsicle flavoured slices. Genius! So enjoy blog readers! Have fun this weekend but remember to drink and eat responsibly.


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