Another Workday Gone To The Dogs

We work hard around these parts. Most of the time, anyway. Today some co-workers and I indulged in a fabulous pizza lunch courtesy of the Marketing Department and while we sat in our computer lab eating our lunch we decided that we needed to find something fun to waste time on. Around this same time I was catching up on some blog reading and discovered a really cute post on Carrots ‘n’ Cake talking about Doggleganger.

Doggleganger is a site where you upload a picture of yourself and it uses fancy technology to match you up with your canine equivalent. All the dogs are in shelters in New Zealand, and its kind of a genius idea for getting people to adopt a homeless pup.

Obviously I spent the next hour uploading pictures of myself and my friends and family to see what their four-legged look-a-like was. Mine was kind of cute.

The match that came up for my niece Brianna however was not as accurate…

That pup is not nearly as smiley and adorable with the same look of shock and confusion that Brie wears so well. I guess they’re still working out the kinks in their “human to canine pairing software” over at Doggleganer.


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