The Wilderness Downtown

Ah! I bet you thought this post would be about Arcade Fire. Wrong! Although I probably could spend a great deal of time talking about how amazing this little indie sensation is and how if you don’t already own all of their albums then you should probably get off this site and head over to iTunes. I’ll forward you my address so you can send me a thank you card, which due to a postal strike won’t reach me for months. No, this post is not about music or gratitude, it’s about raccoons.

Last night I was taking out the garbage, and on my way back down the driveway I ran into Sarah. We chatted for a bit and as I was walking back to my side of the building I felt something fall beside me and heard a little thud. I looked next to me and lying on the street was a tiny raccoon. He looked at me and immediately ran back up the telephone pole from which he fell to join his brother. Note – I am not a pro at ascertaining the gender of woodland creatures, so we shall just assume that both were male and deal with issues of gender neutrality in a different post. Back to our story – I gasped and ran to get Sarah, who not only loves animals but I knew I could trust to watch these little guys as I ran to get my cellphone and call the Humane Society. The thing about the raccoons is that Sarah and I live in a building downtown. We don’t live in a huge city, but even still the only wildlife we really see in our part of town are the squirrels that eat the petunias on my balcony and the odd hippie who has wandered too far away from The Cornerstone.

Apparently we were not the first to call about these dudes, others have also spotted them downtown. What I was told by the Humane Society is that these guys are not really babies, but unruly teens who decided to go on the raccoon equivalent of a joy ride while their mum was asleep. I guess their mother will wake up around dusk and go looking for them. Chances are they were not very far from home, and if the Humane Society were to come and pick them up she would likely never find them leaving them essentially orphaned (ack!). The very nice woman at The Humane Society told us that we should not worry unless we see them again tomorrow morning, as this might mean that something happened to their mum and someone would be around to collect them and make sure they found a safe habitat.

Sarah informed me later that evening that the raccoons seemed to have gone, so we are hoping that their mother found them.

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