Further Adventures in Baking

Remember that cake that I made for Ian a few months ago?

Here’s the refresh…

Well this weekend was Andrea’s birthday so I decided to do a little play on the rainbow cake idea. It’s actually an idea I had for Aly’s birthday but never got around to doing. Instead of a rainbow of colours I took one colour and played with the different shades to achieve a kind of fading look. Alyson had requested pink (love!) but Andrea’s favourite colour is Tiffany Blue.

Different shades of batter.

Instead of colouring three layers at a time I coloured all six layers at a time so I could easily compare the gradients of shades.

Fully assembled and iced (very Similar to Ian’s cake).

All lit up!

The masterpiece!

Same cake with different results. Misty has actually requested one for Sophie’s Birthday too. We are still deciding on the colours for her special cake.

Aly might not have gotten a pink cake for her birthday but I couldn’t leave her without a special birthday treat. I took a page out of Courtney’s book and made some Orange Creamsicle cupcakes. You can find her recipe here. Courtney’s recipe calls for cheesecake instant pudding mix but I couldn’t find that here in Canada, so I just used vanilla pudding instead. Everything seemed to turn out as planned despite the substitution.


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