Isn’t That Pinteresting

In the past I have talked about my friend Paula’s blog where she posts a variety of things that she finds interesting, beautiful or otherwise inspiring. I love it and visit it every day. I also thought it was a great way to organize the things that she loves and might want to revisit, especially decorating ideas for her home or ideas for her impending babe. My blog sees some of that same action but not nearly in the same way. Well, just as I was craving some way to organize recipes I come across online, style ideas, decorating ideas, things that I find inspirational – blam! I discovered…

Ask and ye shall receive my friends.

On Pinterest you discover a variety of pictures, from fabulous room designs, fashion, cute pictures of animals, words of wisdom, craft ideas, and food items. The pictures link back to a source page. You pin them to virtual boards you have devoted to different subjects and then you can reference back to them based on subject matter. For example, I have a bord devoted to food, where I pin different dishes that look yummy, and whenever I am lost for what to make for a party (or Judgy Monday!) I can reference that board and link back to that recipe.

I am painfully (pinfully?) addicted. I have pinned all sorts of things, mostly through the meeting I just had, thanks to my trusty laptop and a discreet seat at the board room table.  I find it really interesting to see the things that I pin, especially in the board I have devoted to fashion, because while I like a lot of these things and have similar style to the things on the board, I don’t know that I would actually wear some of them. There’s a dissonance between what I like and who I am that I find a little confusing.

Anyway, I urge you to say good-bye to your free time and sign up on Pinterest. You might be surprised at the things you discover.

Just a few of the things I pinned today...


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