Cupcake Baby

Sam and I love the movie Bridesmaids. We once watched it three times in one week. A fact that exemplifies not only that we both tend to become obsessed about things but that we have a lot of free time on our hands. We both also have incredible memories for lines and quotes in movies. Frequently I will hear Sam telling me to “stop trying to make (insert slang word here) happen. It’s never going to happen” or something else equally catty from Mean Girls. The answer to “what’s wrong Sam?” usually comes with a reply of “humus! I got the humus!” from our favourite episode of Friends. Bridesmaids has created a whole new slew of quotes. References to cracking blankets in half or “feel that heat? Yeah? It’s from my undercarriage” have been heard a lot lately, but the one that takes the cake (pun intended), which always has to be said in your best Irish brogue is –

“Oh, you’re cake baby”

It makes me giggle every time and I have no idea why. Well, I may not be Cake Baby, but I am on the road to becoming Cupcake Baby. In June I made orange creamsicle cupcakes for Aly. My plans for Sam’s birthday was to make cherry cola cupcakes because I thought they sounded delish but when I approached Sam and asked him if he would like cherry cola cupcakes for his birthday his response was, “Why yes, I would absolutely love mint chocolate cupcakes for my birthday.”  Hmmm… See what he did there? Tricky that boy. Very tricky.

Who am I to deny a birthday boy? Sam got his mint chocolate cupcakes. I used devils food cake mix from a box (don’t judge me, you would do it too) and I made a homemade butter cream.

1 c butter, softened
4 c powdered sugar
1/4 c of milk
2 tsp of peppermint extract
green food colouring

I whizzed that all up with my hand mixer and piped it onto the cuppies then dusted them with little finely shaved dark chocolate.

Better picture (not taken with my BlackBerry) coming soon!

I thought these cupcakes might be nice for Christmas as well. In that case I would divide the icing in half, colour one half red while leaving the other plain, then put the two colours side by side in a piping bag before icing. It would create a sort of candy cane swirl. I also thought about stuffing the cupcakes with York peppermint patties for a little extra treat.

Now, I would never go as far as to say something like ‘Sam was right’ on my blog but I will say that the cupcakes were delicious and different from any other cupcakes I have made before. I will also say this –

Happy Birthday Sam. I hope it was the best one yet!  xoxo


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