Five Bamboo – A Great Example of Online Retailing

A little while ago – maybe a month by now – I saw a post on Kath Eats Real Food about a dress that she was sent by Five Bamboo, a company that makes organic bamboo clothing and focuses on responsibility and sustainablity. Both good things.  The dress that Kath was wearing was really cute and I noticed on another post that they were offering a discount to Kath Eats readers for the month of July. I decided to check them out on the off chance that they delivered to the Great White North. Lo and behold they did! I ordered the Rohre dress in teal and black. I wanted something I could wear to the office and although I loved the black dress with the grey trim, I alrealdy have 3 black dresses, so I decided to mix it up.  The dress came and I wsa in love with it! It fits like a glove, the material and quality are outstanding. If that weren’t enough I found this in my bag as well…

At first I had no idea what it was. A necklace? Did I order this? I pulled out my receipt which is where I found this lovely hand written note.


This has happened to me once before with Pink Panda Fabrics and I think it is absolutely brilliant. I know that things can be hectic with a small business so for someone to take the time to handwrite a note means so much. In both of these examples the quality of the product speaks for itself, but I can buy dresses anywhere on the internet, and in my hometown its just as easy for me to find dresses made of sustainable materials (thank you hippies!) but I will continue to frequent a shop that offers incredible friendly customer service. Its an easy thing to do when you have a storefront, not as easy when you are dealing in the virtual world. Well done Five Bamboo! You will be seeing some orders from me again soon!



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