Andy Levy Is My New Hero

You all remember Chris Brown, right? The gentleman who beat the crap out of Rihanna and went on to have a successful career with little to no consequence? Yeah, him. Well it seems that he is kind of hoping that everyone puts that whole misunderstanding with Rihanna behind them already. After all, it was only one incident and it was two whole years ago. Really, she only had a black eye, split lip and contusions around her neck. No biggie. Besides, as the people at Good Morning America can attest to, his behaviour has improved dramatically. He may have thrown a chair at a window, but it’s not like he punched anyone there.

Fox News’ Andy Levy has decided not to let Chris Brown’s behaviour go unmentioned. Last week this little exchange happened.

Not to be out done Mr. Levy took to the airwaves and issued an apology to Chris Brown and in doing so won my heart.


This is what the media needs more of. We need more people willing to stand up and voice their opinion in a smart, educated, entertaining way. We need more people who aren’t afraid of offending record labels, tv networks or a domestic abuser just because he’s a famous hip hop artist. Good on you Andy Levy. You have a new fan in this girl.


2 thoughts on “Andy Levy Is My New Hero

  1. Min says:

    I love this guy. I posted the link on my FB page. I hate Chris Brown and think its sleazy that he would even post something like that on his Twitter pg. Did he honestly think no one would make a comment?


    • Ashleigh says:

      I know, right. I fully believe that if you do the time then you should be allowed to move on with your life. People make mistakes and can grow and change, however, he did NO time. He got a little probation (because he’s a celebrity) and now feels like he can flip out whenever anyone mentions it?! No. An appropriate response would be, “that was a dark time in my life, I am deeply apologetic and look forward to moving forward”. Acknowledge that you did something deplorable and move past the question in a graceful manner.
      While this response to Levy wasn’t the worst of his reactions it still reads as thought he did nothing wrong and Levy was the one at fault. Thankfully there are still a few people in the media who can take criticism and form a witty response.


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