The Last Week

Well, it’s official, this is the last week of my twenties. Eek! I was trying to think about what I was doing in the last week of my teens, and all I can really remember is being consumed by a boy who wasn’t worth my time, trying to acclimate to living in a house with 5 other girls (I never did) and sitting in front of the television watching endless coverage of 9/11, which pretty much guarantees that this last week of my twenties can only be better.

Right now I am consumed with getting ready for Paris. Last night I bought a new SD card for my borrowed camera (thanks Min!) as well as a voltage adaptor so that I can curl my hair in France. Priorities. I also spent a good time thumbing through my guide-book determining how to get from the airport to my flat and marking important things like where the nearest internet café is, and a list of the things people want me to see or do. Misty gave  me the cutest little Paris themed Post-Its for my birthday and they have been perfect for this purpose. I still have to make a list of everything that I need to pack and actually pack it but I still have a few days left. I’m pretty sure that seeing my suitcase partially packed will only cause me and my cat unneccessary anxiety so I’m leaving it for now. In the mean time if anyone has any last-minute suggestions for things to do in Paris let me know.

My last obsession as of late has been watching US Open tennis. If you are a frequent visitor around here  you might have noticed that I recently read Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open. Those of you really paying attention might notice that it took me a very long time to get through it. Honestly, I found it boring, I have never been into tennis and had no idea about the rules or how matches were scored. Then the Rogers Cup was on and Sam and I parked ourselves in front of Sportnet and watched a few matches together. Sam has always loved tennis so I asked him to teach me a little about it. Knowing more about the game really helped me to appreciate it and made Agassi’s book much more interesting. Now I am staying up past my bedtime to find out the results of the Federer/Tsonga match (yay R. Feds!) and counting the days to the Aussie Open.

I’m hoping to squeeze in one more update before I leave for France and maybe, just maybe one or two from Paris.


One thought on “The Last Week

  1. Corey Frye says:

    Félicitations! How funny is it that I randomly stop by today and you’re all of a sudden making that big trip you always dreamed of? I’m psyched for you. Good call on getting an apartment—my brother did the same thing during his visit and it was a much cooler experience for him than a hotel.

    Not sure when you’re going to be in town, but if you need some advice, info, or just want to meet up for a friendly café between bloggers, my email is on my blog and feel free to contact me. I’m kind of a geek about Paris monuments and history so I’d be happy to give you a tour of some good stuff if you like. At any rate, have an amazing time and congrats on following thru on this promise you made yourself all those years ago!


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