The Louvre – Paris Day 2

Our second day in Paris started early. I purchased my ticket to The Louvre online before I left and had it delivered to me here in Ontario, but since my mother didn’t have a ticket we still had to wait in line. Thankfully, we got to the museum early and the line moved fairly quickly. I decided on coming to The Louvre on Wednesday because it is open until 9:45pm and the ticket allows you to come and go throughout that day. So, knowing that I would only be spending one day at The Louvre, I decided to make it count.

We successfully located the subway station in our neighbourhood and navigated our way to the Rue de Rivoli. This is where I rave about the Paris Metro – honestly, I have never been so impressed with public transportation in my life. All the stations we visited (and there were many) were clean, organized, well signed. I really think you have to try to get lost on the Paris metro. I thought New York had things figured out, but Paris takes the cake. Oh, and for all you Toronto readers who have always thought the TTC is brutal, the more I travel the more I realise how true this is. The one thing that I am glad I noticed before we had to exit a train on our own is that the subway car doors do not open on their own, one has to physically lift a lever to exit. Those French and their tricky, tricky doors.

Once we got to the museum, I wandered around and took pictures of the palace and pyramid while my mother waited in line.

We got had a quick breakfast of croissants (finally!) and cappuccino and then got right to marvelling at the sights. There are few people who would not only agree to spending 12 hours in a museum but actually look forward to it, and I am glad my mother is one of them.

I saw a relief done by one of my kinsmen.

We marvelled at the statues.

Stood in awe at the opulence of the Royal apartments.

Stared at portraits.

And rolled our eyes at the crowds in front of the Mona Lisa.

We even managed to get out of the museum for a little fresh air.

We stayed until close, took the metro home and grabbed a take away pizza which was devoured in an embarrassingly short time back at our apartment.


2 thoughts on “The Louvre – Paris Day 2

  1. Corey Frye says:

    Wow did you really stay THAT long? That’s impressive, there’s no two ways about it! I’m a huge ex-art-major lover of museums but I could never last that long; my hat’s off to you (and your mom!).

    I’m always glad to see the Parisian subway appreciated by visitors because it’s true–compared to most other cities it’s a really good system. New York’s is huge and well-structured but can’t hold a candle to Paris in terms of cleanliness and dependability. If you do the conversion it’s definitely more expensive, but worth it in the end. My only big gripe is the lack of AC in public transportation here. In the summer it can get pretty funky.

    Glad to see you guys made it to the Napoleon Apartments, which is one of my favorite stops. Your pics of the pyramid outside remind me of a documentary about the installation of it in the 1980’s. It was funny because most Parisians weren’t happy with it at all and thought it was a modern abomination, stripping the palace of its dignity. Nowadays we couldn’t think of the Louvre without it!


    • Ashleigh says:

      We did! We closed the place down! Although I have to admit we took two breaks of an hour or so each to get some sunshine and some food, but other than that we spent most of the day in the museum. You have the benefit of being able to go any time you want, we do not have that luxury. 🙂

      Yes, the metro was fab, but it did get a little warm on some of the trains. I thought I remembered at least one of the lines having AC in the cars. I want to say the #1? It was one of the new trains with automated doors and no individual cars, just one long train. As far as price, here in my small town a bus ticket is almost $3, well funded public transportation is non-existent around these parts.

      I think the pyramid is becoming iconic. Blame Tom Hanks for that one! We just got our own pyramid-esque structure attached to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and I’m not very impressed by it, so I can sympathize with the Parisian mindset on that one. I like the mix of the modern and the traditional as it pertains to the Louvre, the one place I found it offensive was at Versailles. Whatever those big metal sculptures are they seemed out of place and intrusive.


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