Kit-Kat Halloween Cake

Things I Am Not Doing Lately

  • running
  • yoga
  • reading
  • watching TV (unless you count catching up on Sons of Anarchy while I work overtime)
  • hanging out with my friends
  • relaxing
  • sleeping

Things I am Doing Lately

  • working
  • working
  • working
  • working
  • baking

Don’t worry, the Paris posts will return, but for now I thought I would provide you with something a little more timely. This weekend I made what is probably my favourite cake ever. I made it for Andrew’s birthday because it was AWESOME looking, and because what 4-year-old wouldn’t love a cake wrapped and filled with candy? It also seemed appropriate since his birthday is on Halloween.

Easy enough! I just baked a Duncan Hines boxed marble cake (hey, you just read about how busy I am lately, right?), I coloured the yellow part of the marble cake orange to give it that Halloween feel, then iced it with chocolate icing as I would any layer cake, wrapped it in Kit-Kats broken into two finger sections and filled the top with Halloween themed M&M’s.

See the original recipe here.


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