Advent – Day 1

Yesterday I went from work, to the university to swap cars with Aly, then to pick up her offspring from school. We went back to her place, where said offspring dummied a box of Kraft Dinner in 30 seconds flat. I have never seen anything so shocking. It was like they had never been fed before. I guess kindergarten really works up an appetite. After dinner we went for a walk to check out some Christmas lights and work off some energy. Sara brought a light sabre, ’cause you never know when you will run into a Sith Lord (that’s a thing, right?). Our walk ended with only one of us in tears, and amazingly it wasn’t me!

After we got home I attempted to put on a dvd while one of Alyson’s children sighed heavily over how long it was taking me to figure out the input options, and the other insisted that he knew exactly what I was doing wrong, and how, if I would bend the rules and allow him to play with the electrical plugs, he could have this whole dvd mess sorted out in a jiff. Criticism of my skills notwithstanding, I figured it out and left them to watch their movie while I sat in front of the fire reading and waiting for Aly to get home so we open the first entry in our Advent Calendar of Beer. This is what we found…

Yankee Jim Ice Bock. I had never had it before, and I didn’t love it. I feel like it didn’t have a lot of flavour and the flavour that it did have, I didn’t really enjoy. That being said, I drank all of it, as did Aly. As I sit writing this, I have my second entry in my purse (’cause Im classy like that) as I am going right from work to Sam’s place and plan on drinking my second entry with him tonight.


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