Advent – Day 3 and 4

A busy weekend full of studying! On Saturday night I found myself out for dinner, then over at Sam’s place. He cracked his day 3 beer, so it wasn’t a surprise to find Sleeman Porter when I opened up Day 3 last night. The Peroni was a surprise, as was how much I enjoyed the Porter.

I am not an expert in describing the taste of beer, so I won’t even pretend to classify something as “hoppy” or whatever else. I will just say the porter had a nice full flavour, and was a perfect winter beer. The Peroni, which is imported from Italy, was also in last years Advent Calendar. I enjoy it however I probably should have had the Peroni before the Sleeman, which was much lighter and a little disappointing after the hometown hero, Sleeman.

Tonight is Judgy Monday, I will be bringing my beer to Aly’s place so that she, Jer, Sam and myself can all enjoy our day 5 together.


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