Advent – Day 5

Last night was Judgy Monday. I went over to Alyson’s with Sam and Ian where we enjoyed smoked ribs, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, salad and a dish that I made, which seems to go by many names. I have known them as church potatoes but I have heard them called funeral potatoes, probably for the same reason, they seem to be served at church potlucks like baptisms and wakes. Alyson told me last night that she always knew them as Christmas potatoes, so it seemed appropriate that we ate them in the glow her giant Christmas tree, off plates adorned with snow flakes. I regret not taking pictures because as I reflect on it today it was a very pretty scene.

Before dinner I enjoyed my day 5 beer with Alyson and Jeremy. Ian still had to catch up on days 3 and 4, so we cracked ours without him. What did we find?

San Miguel, a Filipino lager that was light and refreshing. I am trying to think of these beers in context of where they are from, and I can actually see enjoying this beer on a hot, humid day in the Philippines. It actually was nice and warm next to the fire last night, even though it was snowing outside.

Today I am busy at home studying, trying desperately to prepare for my big exam tomorrow. I cannot wait to have some more free time. I miss the gym. I miss reading for pleasure. I almost forget what it feels like not having to worry about this stupid course. By this time tomorrow I will be a free woman!

The recipe for the potatoes I made tonight can be found here. They are delicious. I had two helpings and a few of the boys had three.


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