Advent – Day 6

Things I didn’t know before yesterday:

  • The average distribution clause as it relates to property insurance in the common law provinces
  • Just how hilarious a skating lesson full of 4-year-old boys can be and,
  • That Australia exports a beer other than Fosters

But lo, they do. The beer was VB and it was quite delicious. I really enjoyed this selection.

Please ignore all the study notes in the background. I am desperate to clean my apartment. It’s weird, when I was in university, come exam time my laundry was done, my apartment spotless, nails perfectly polished and email checked by the second. I would do anything to avoid studying. This time around I am much more diligent. I did the dishes yesterday afternoon, but avoided any major clean up. Other than a quick outing to watch Aly’s kids skating lesson, I actually used my study day to study! Shocking. My former dorm-mates would be so disappointed in me. I am writing my exam even as we speak (bless the WordPress schedule function). Cross your fingers and say some prayers for me please. I cannot bear to have to do this one again.


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