Advent – Day 7

When you were in school did you ever have that dream where you overslept on the morning of a big exam? You either missed the exam or were late, rushing around desperate to get dressed and get your stuff together to make it to the exam centre in time? I used to. I haven’t in a while though, until yesterday when that nightmare came true. I actually remember setting my alarm on the night of the 6th. I consciously thought, “I need to set my alarm”. And I did, except I forgot to actually turn the alarm function on. To make matters worse, I set my Blackberry to go off about a half hour later which, would have been the perfect safety net, well, unless the Blackberry doesn’t have enough power to make it through the night. I woke up at 9:10. My exam was at 9:30, thankfully only minutes from my apartment. I made it on time, but I wasnt at my prettiest. I guess the good news is that I felt confident about the exam. I will have my mark in about 6 weeks.

The rest of the day was spent having lunch with a friend, tidying my messy apartment and then a small *Oprah voice* Roooaaad Triiiip! with Sam. We also grabbed dinner together and enjoyed our day 7 beer while watching our favourite show, Happy Endings. Is anyone out there watching this show? It has become a favourite with a lot of friends. Sam and I are in love with Penny Hartz and frequently watch the Jazz Kwan Do episode, laughing as hard as we did the first time we saw it. Back to beer – Day 7 was another local choice, Waterloo Dark.

I did enjoy this one, and typically I do enjoy dark beer, but that being said, it was not as good as the porter from day 3. Still it didn’t spend too much time in either of our glasses and it did help me get my mind off of my exam.


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