Advent – Days 8, 9, 10 and 11

A busy weekend with not a lot of internet access!

Thursday I got home from work and spent the entire night doing nothing in my sweats. Seriously. It was ah-mahzing. I chatted on the phone with Aly and my mum, and did nothing else other than drink beer 8. A crowd favourite, Stella Artois.

Friday I made my triumphant return to the gym! I am still in pain, but I need to get my booty moving. Sitting around and studying for the past two months has not been good for the bod, or the spirit for that matter. From the gym I went to Aly’s place to watch her kids for the afternoon. We were debating about which movies to watch. We started with the Princess Bride, but it was a little scary for them, so we switched it up to the first Harry Potter movie, which they have seen before so could better anticipate the scary parts. My vote, Home Alone, was not considered.

After Aly came home, I jetted over to Sams for a little Christmas tradition, Festive Specials and Christmas movies. This year we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and our standard, Love Actually. I had never seen Christmas Vacation before which seemed to shock a few people, but we were never allowed to watch very many movies or TV when I was little, especially if there was cursing or anything my mother would have deemed “crass humour”. It was okay, I guess. I didn’t really see what the big deal was. I know that might seem like a controversial stance to take, but I don’t have the same nostalgia for it that others do. Anyway, while Sam and I enjoyed our Festive Specials, we also enjoyed our day 9 beer.

Kingfisher, which I believe is from India. It was only okay. It did not smell great and Sam and I both commented that it seemed a little skunky.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon doing absolutely nothing. It was brilliant. At first I kind of felt guilty for just hanging out on my couch in my sweats watching tv, but then I realised that with no more exam to study for, I had no reason to feel bad. Saturday night brought me back to Alyson and Jeremy’s place, so that I could watch their kids while they attended a holiday party. We talked about our day 9 beers, and both agreed that the beer tasted off. They actually didn’t finish theirs (Sam and I did, take from that what you will). While Alyson was waiting for her husband to pretty himself up for the party we opened our day 10 beers.

Palm, a nice, light, Belgian beer that Aly and I both quite enjoyed. My adventures in babysitting were fairly successful. There was a brief debate at supper which resulted in two-thirds of the diners dissolving into tears, but I will never divulge which of us were the criers.

Sunday, I hit the road for Niagara to visit my aunt and Misty. My aunt is 88 years old and loves few things more than bingo and beer. So, we headed to her favourite bingo hall in Fort Erie where she won $100. Since we always split our winnings I ended up with a nice little Christmas bonus. Later that night I stopped in to have dinner with Misty, her husband Rob and my god-daughter Sophie, who is absolutely amazing! She says my name and runs around screaming and laughing and showing me all her toys. I think Misty might be telling her that with a 13 month old niece, and an 11 month old nephew, the competition for my affection is stiff. Sophie is doing her best to lock down the number one position. Once I got home I decided a nice bubble bath was in order while I sampled my day 11 beer. Another tricky one! Remember a few days ago when I was sure the stubby bottle was Red Stripe? Well I was just shocked when I opened what I knew was a tall can and found this

Duped again by Kevin and Bryce! I love Red Stripe, so it was a happy surprise.


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