Half Way Through The Advent Calendar of Beer – Day 12

Last night was Judgy Monday! As per usual, Sam, Ian and I went to Aly and Jer’s. Sam had a craving for Yorkshire pudding, so we had a roast, his Yorkies, broccoli and mashed potatoes (courtesy of Ian). Dinner was delicious and since I didn’t have to drive, I was able to enjoy a few glasses of wine in addition to our day 12 beer.

Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale. Let’s get a close up of that label, ’cause there’s a lot going on.

Apparently this was a little mistake. The boys say they ordered Samuel Adam’s Winter Ale, but they got this instead. Another happy accident though, because this was delicious. All of the Judgy Monday attendee’s really enjoyed this selection. It was the perfect choice to enjoy in front of the fire with friends.





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