Advent – Day 13

What a crazy day I had yesterday! It started out with me getting stuck in an elevator on my way to a meeting with my boss. People got out on the 7th floor, the doors shut behind them, then nothing. The elevator did not move, the doors would not open, it just stayed there for about 2 minutes, then continued on like there was no problem. I wasn’t scared. I figured as long as I could get an internet connection I would be okay, but thankfully it never even came to that. By the time I had figured out any possible contingency plan the elevator started to move.

Later that day we had our department Christmas party. It was a full Christmas dinner, with turkey, stuffing and all the other traditional fixings. We listened to some talk from the bosses, ate our lunch then we were left to socialize or enjoy the entertainment that was provided. The social committee hired a caricaturist and a tarot card reader. I didn’t visit the caricaturist because, well, I don’t really need my worst features pointed out to me and recorded, and all the pictures seemed to come out the same anyway. There was no way to tell one caricature from another. I did visit the tarot card reader, who correctly identified my favourite colour as green and told me something really eerie. I am not going to go into all the details quite yet,and I have to say that I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff. I find that it tends to be quite vague and general, but she identified someone in my life very specifically, by details that I didn’t even know were true until after the reading. Anyway, there might be more on that later, for now let’s get to the beer.

Day 13 was Kronenbourg Blanc, which is a white beer. Please forgive the picture, I usually try to take a picture of the beer before I open them, but I jumped the gun a little on this one. I guess I was a little too excited to try something new.

This beer was really different from anything I have ever had before. I have had white beers in the past, and typically they are served with an orange wheel, but this one had a strong orange flavour all on its own. It was very fruity. I think this would be a great summer beer, and I look forward to seeing more of it around in the warmer months.This really is the best thing about the Advent Calendar of Beer – I never even knew this beer existed and now I am invisioning drinking it on a patio in July.


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