Advent Days 14 and 15

Woah, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thursday night I went out for some drinks to a local pub with a new friend. Before I left I stole a cheeky sip or two from beer number 14, Cuic from Romania (yeah, I had never heard of it either). It was good, kind of you average beer. Not too strong of a flavour, pretty easy drinking.

Since I was out until 11:30 on a school night on Wednesday, Thursday was an early one. I had high hopes of running off to the mall to finish up the one remaining gift I had left on my list, but that went by the wayside in favour of sleep. Before crashing for the night I opened my day 15 beer Ožujsko from Croatia. Again, never heard of it. Again, easy drinking, light flavour.

More to come! I had such a busy weekend that I haven’t even had a chance to snap pictures of my more recent selections from the Advent Calendar. I hope that tonight I made it to the mall to get that last gift, and perhaps even steal some time to update some more.


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