Advent – Day 16 and 17

On day 16 I had a little reunion with some highschool friends. One of our favourite bands from our teen years was playing in my town so my best friend, Misty decided to come up for the show. When word spread on Facebook another one of our friends from highschool decided to join us as well. She brought her husband whom she has dated since we were about 16. The show was great, even if the crowd was less than savoury. Before heading out to the show I enjoyed my day 16 beer, Keller.

On Saturday I had another blast from my past, a childhood friend Jenni. Jenni and I have known each other since we were 8 years old. She was new to our school, didn’t speak any english and says that we became friends when I was the only one to give her a Valentines Day card in second grade. She also lived on my street growing up. We were inseparable for a few years. She came up to have dinner and hit a bar or two with Sarah and I. Before we headed to our favourite pizza place I cracked open day 17.

Another beer I had never heard of, but Okocim was pretty good. Then again, there were many drinks consumed that night so it’s possible it was terrible and the other beverages are clouding my memories. We never actually made it to the bar, we came home, Sam joined us for a little while and we watched movies into the night. It was fabulous. Way better than putting on uncomfortable shoes and spending all night in a loud and crowded club.

The festive spirit really gets amped up on days 18 and 19…


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