Happy Valentime’s!

Ugh, I know right? The title? It is a huge pet peeve of mine. Like when people say “I seen that new Ryan Gosling movie” or pronounce it “fusstrated”. Grrrr!

Anyway, I’m bowing to a little public pressure. In the past two days I have received complaints from both Misty and my mother that I havent updated the blog lately. Since they might be my only readers, I figured I should give the people what they want.

Things I have learned since my last update :

  • passing a single course can feel just as good as graduating from a four year undergrad program
  • Lululemon makes a quality hoodie but a less than stellar sports bra
  • I often have great intentions but poor follow through when it comes to updating my blog
  • giraffes are unable to cough
  • people who say you should use the guard that came with your new mandolin when attempting to slice veggies know what they’re talking about
  • it hurts to lose the tip of your thumb in an ill-fated mandolin accident

So, all you love birds – get off the intertron and snuggle your Valentine. Or, if you are alone, watch this video before crying into your box of bonbons.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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