Confessions Of a Coffee Addict

Most nights I have the foresight to put a pot of coffee on before I go to bed and program it to go off at 6:30 am. The smell of fresh coffee gives me that incentive I need to get out from beneath my heavenly duvet and start my day. I usually have a travel mug at home while I do my make-up and get ready for work, then pour another one to get my through the first hour or so at the office. Typically that is it for the day. I might indulge in another cup in the early afternoon, or pour a cup if there is coffee in any of my hundreds of daily meetings, but more often than not the two  big cups in the morning are enough to push me through.

Sometimes though I am lazy. I think, “meh, this episode of Alcatraz is too good to get up and make coffee” and I resign myself to one cup of Starbucks Via that I make just before rushing out the door to work the next day. This means I arrive at the office with not one ounce of caffeine in my bloodstream. Also, since I am really not a morning person it doesn’t make me the most pleasant person to deal with. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but on the days when people dare to speak to me before I’ve had any caffeine usually the only thing that goes through my head is, “why are you speaking to me? I hate you”. I do my best to grunt out some sort of response. Sometimes I even try to make it friendly, but I’m sure I’m not fooling anyone. I’m grumpy and I can’t hide it. Everything they say and do irritates me until I have had a chance to wake up and fully process.

Today, is one of those days.


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